Old meets new

Welcome to the English version of StepMap. We have worked long and hard to make this happen. Just ask Veit about „map masks“, Thomas about „priority lists“ and Ole about a „missing comma“. Honestly though, I am quite proud and happy about what we have achieved in such a short time. And now we are finally ready to present an idea and a service that has been used by everyone, everywhere and at any time – at least as far as I can think back. Maps.

Merging an old format such as a map with a new technology always appealed to us. Maps are a lot more than just a guide of how to get best from A to B. Maps tell stories, they describe, they contain experiences, emotions, routes, dreams  and knowledge. And they are very personal. We hope you enjoy creating your very own personal map as much as we do. Oh, and don’t be too hard on us. We work day and night to improve StepMap but nevertheless you might have questions or ideas (or simply find a small bug). Please don’t be shy but get in touch with us. We listen to your ideas: info@stepmap.com

StepMap Team Map

StepMap StepMap Team Map

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